Telefonische Auskünfte sind nicht möglich. Eine Kontaktaufnahme für Fragen wird ausschließlich per E-Mail erbeten.

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Welcome to the Angelner Dampfeisenbahn

The Angelner Dampfeisenbahn gGmbH  is a heritage railway with Skandinavian rolling stock. It runs between Kappeln (Schlei) and Süderbrarup 

The journeys with the train run through the beautiful landscape of Angeln.

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Our new reservation system is now online. To make a reservation, choose the date, on which you want to travel. Then all possible tours will be displayed, of which you can choose your preferred journey.

Please note: The Tickets will be only reserved until 30 minutes prior of Departure (In Süderbrarup also longer, if the train has not arrived then). You can make a reservation until 6 hours prior to departure. After, it is still possible to get tickets at the conductor, if there are free seats.

If you want to reserve for more than 10 People, please send us an E-mail (info@angelner-dampfeisenbahn.de).

Here is our reservation system.

Cab Rides

Cab Rides are available with prior reservation when the steam engine S 1916 is used. One way you ride in the cab. On the return journey you ride in the train.

The extra charge on the normal ticket price is €50.

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